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The Nudist Woman: Sandy

Meeting someone you know in another setting at a nudist park can be awkward -- and sometimes exceptionally funny! Sandy had this happen to her twice, once with her mother and step-father, once with a friend of theirs.

Strikingly beautiful with intense dark eyes, platinum blond hair, and great curves, Sandy might be snobbish or self-centered. Instead, Sandy is perfectly relaxed. As she speaks, she gestures expansively. She giggles. When I first met her, I noticed her quick wit and enthusiasm. A whimsical smile plays merrily across her face.

Sandy quickly lets me know that she doesn't have the perfect body. "Too fat," she says, with a whisper of a sigh, breaking then into a large grin, "but it doesn't matter. That's what I like about nudism. We're all equal; we all look alike. No one person is any better than me."

New nudists are quicker to look at various people and remark on the differences. "At first," she points out, "you notice. After awhile, differences don't matter anymore. When everything is there to see, it's not the guessing game that goes on when people are clothed."

Sandy & Tom's Visit

Sandy's husband Tom was the one who introduced her to nudism. He'd read a newspaper article in the local paper about nude swimming at the beach, and then done some research in the library. As they were driving back from a white-water rafting trip one weekend, he said suddenly, "There's one of those places close by, Sandy. Let's stop."

They found several people at the park down by the lake. The people were friendly and welcomed them. Tom spoke first. He explained that it was their first trip to a nudist park. Since it was already getting dark and there was a cool wind coming from the lake, no one asked them to disrobe. After sitting on the dock awhile with the others, Tom and Sandy left without undressing.

Still, Tom was persistent. The next weekend they were in the Portland area for a gun show. He knew about "one of those places" in that region as well. They set out, intending to camp at the nudist park overnight. After two frustrating days of looking for the park, Tom found the it at last. He undressed immediately after parking and joined the group lying on towels on the lawn. As Sandy watched those around her relaxing and basking in the sun, she felt like the odd one. Off came her clothes. Soon she was sunbathing and conversing with the others.

Sandy became a sunshine nudist. She likes the openness of the outdoors and lots of grassy area "to move my blanket around to talk with this one and then that one."

"I wait for the sun to shine now that I'm a nudist," Sandy says. "In fact, I can hardly wait for it. I plan my weekends around whether the sun is shining or not."

Indoor nudist activities like playing cards and potluck dinners are claustrophobic for her. If she has to be indoors, she prefers a space to move around like a swimming pool or lots of activity like bowling.

Tom and Sandy told everyone in their family about their nudist weekends away. They described their weekend retreats so well that Sandy's mother and step-dad decided they would like to go themselves. They arranged to meet Tom and Sandy at the nudist park.

Mom's Visit

When she saw her parents' car coming into the park, Sandy quickly put on a pair of shorts and halter top and went out to flag them in. However, as they drove into the park, she realized that there was no longer any reason to be wearing her clothes. She took off her halter top. There was a long silent moment, and then she heard her mother's stern voice saying, "Sandra, what are you doing? I hope you know I'm keeping my long T-shirt on."

She did keep it on -- until the next day at the auction. Looking around at all the nude people with such ordinary bodies, and roasting for awhile in the heat of the room, she nudged Sandy, and with a "So what!" off came the shirt. After that, she joined into the activities with new vigor.

Chuck's Visit

Some time later, Tom and Sandy were making plans to go to one of the parks for a weekend when Sandy's mother phoned. "Guess what," she said, "Chuck is down there this weekend." Chuck was a longtime friend of theirs who lived near Sandy's mother.

When Tom and Sandy arrived, Chuck had already shed his clothes and was sunning on the lawn. Tom and Sandy suddenly became timid. It seemed strange to approach someone they knew well, in the context of their everyday life naked at the nudist park. So, they hid. When he came walking into the clubhouse; they went sneaking out the back door. When they saw him coming towards them outside, they covered their heads with a towel.

For two days, they avoided Chuck.

Finally, Sandy decided to stop the game. She decided to go over to where he was lying in the sun and talk to him. After all, he was a good friend! But her courage failed her again. Before she could go up to talk to him, she put her clothes on. "Hi, Chuck, I'm surprised to see you. Fancy finding you here."

After a short pause, Chuck asked, "Does your mom know you're here?"

Sandy giggled.

She told him about the time her mother and step-father had come. That evening, they saw each other naked. Sandy felt differently. There was no longer any desire to run away and hide. For the rest of the weekend, they had a delightful time catching up on mutual acquaintances. Clothed or unclothed, he was the same friend!

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