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A New Way to Feel About Your Body: Body Acceptance (Posted May 8, 1996)
Patti talks straight to women about body acceptance, dispelling some of the myths about nude recreation, and outlines a plan of action. References given.
Webmasters Note:   This is the very first article Patti had published on a web site. In addtion to having appeared in print since then, A New Way to Feel About Your Body has been published in French and Spanish.

The Nudist Woman: Sandy (Posted June 23, 1996)
It can be awkward meeting someone at a nudist park when you already know them from a non-nudist setting! This is a delightful, funny tale about Sandy and her mother going to a nudist park.

The Nudist Woman: Crystal (Posted June 23, 1996)
This is a stirring portrait of Patti's friend Crysal who overcame childhood abuse and poor self-esteem to find peace of mind.

The Nudist Woman (Me!) (Posted August 1, 1996)
A Fun story of Patti's first time ever at a nudist resort.
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