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A New Way to Feel About Your Body

A New Option

Do you compare yourself to the models on television? Are you ever a 10? Do you worry about summer fashions revealing too much? Do you cringe when you step on the scale? If so, I have an interesting option for you to consider. I invite you to enter the clothing-optional world of nude recreation!

"Whoa, wait a minute, Patti," you say. "No way, not for me!"

Please, give me a few minutes. Having experienced the comfort, safety, and body acceptance of nude recreation, I'd like to challenge a few of the stereotypes you've heard. Our starve-yourself-thin, exercise-til- you-drop, clothing-compulsive society can produce bulimia, anorexia, and other psychological disorders a healthy nude environment can help prevent. Now is the time for you to experience a healthy awareness of your body.

Some Myths

1. The myth of the perfect bodies.

We think others have perfect bodies, but ours somehow aren't right. We are much too conscious of how we look in the nude. We have learned to be uncomfortable with ourselves. Women especially have been brainwashed by the media to look upon their bodies with shame. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Though not perfect by any arbitrary standard, all bodies are naturally beautiful. Nudity allows us to understand that beauty is only skin deep, to go beyond and find the "real" person beneath all the "glitz" of costumes, cosmetics, and coiffures.

2. The myth of moral decay.

You'll find a fairly representative cross-section of American society relaxing at a nudist resort. Nudists are everyday people. We are contractors, secretaries, nurses, accountants, teachers, government workers, clergy, mothers, fathers, teens, infants, lawyers, doctors, taxi drivers, your friends. We are your next door neighbors, members of the PTA, YMCA, Scouting, Red Cross, your local fire department. We go to your schools, churches, and town meetings. Most of us consider ourselves mainstream Americans.

Nudists tend to be more open-minded and tolerant of others' opinions. We are not superior. We are just a bit more self-assured and confident about who we are.

Nudists generally have sexually well-adjusted children. Children raised as nudists have a healthy attitude and lack of prurient interest in the other sex. They are less likely to have sex as teenagers. For them, puberty is less traumatic. They know from first-hand experience that bodies change.

3. The myth of open sexual activity.

Nudity and sexuality are linked in many non-nudists' minds. Our culture sure gives that message. The big-busted women and the young women who get propositioned frequently think harassment will intensify if they disrobe.

They are in for a surprise! The uninhibited but peaceful atmosphere of a nudist resort is devoid of sexual innuendoes. Those seeking cheap thrills are soon disappointed that nudist activities are practically asexual. A nudist resort is somewhat like a church camp without the wet bathing suits.

4. The myth of embarrassment.

Many women are embarrassed by the look of their bodies. They fear being laughed at. They wish their bodies could be smoother, slimmer, more athletic. They think of their surgical scars, their cellulite, their stretch marks, their lack or abundance of pubic hair. Perhaps they are self-conscious of their breasts. They wonder, "Am I the wrong shape or size?" They fear involvement in some sort of contest. Going out among others who are nude lessens that fear.

The myths are just that -- myths. Today's modern nude recreation opportunities offer you peace, harmony, and tranquillity. These qualities are not found in our work-a-day lives. With no need for fashion statements and no pressure to meet a pre-determined body mold, women can express individuality. We are free to be ourselves, to relax with our family and friends. Those who desire more strenuous recreation will find facilities for a full range of healthy activities such as swimming, hiking, volleyball, and other forms of exercise. Nudist resorts are safe and secure. Anyone behaving in an offensive manner is asked to leave. Most large resorts offer a full range of activities and social events. It is common to find someone who shares your particular interests.

Allow me to introduce you to two friends of mine, Crystal and Sandy. Take a glimpse, through their eyes, of what the future could hold for you.

Two Real-Life Examples:


Crystal's wardrobe spans the hues of the rainbow. Her fashion follows her moods. One day, she imitates the butterfly with a gala splash of colors and butterfly earrings. Another day, she'll be off to play with children she is baby-sitting, complete with floppy sun bonnet and long spiral earrings chosen especially to bring a sparkle to the young faces. Her bouncy walk and perky smile belie the fragility of her slender five-foot frame.

Self-composed with her clothes on, Crystal started out feeling horrified at the thought of anyone seeing her naked. She had recently lost over 75 pounds. She saw herself as a mass of ugly wrinkles and rolls of flab.

Then Crystal grew to love a man who was a nudist at heart. His lively sense of humor, lack of shame, and total comfort with his physical body prompted Crystal to look at her own body with a less critical eye. He portrayed for her the relaxed world of nudity! His height, and the wrinkles due to age, illness, and weight loss gave him the look of a garden scarecrow. Even so, he walked around his house in only a T- shirt.

Once she had experienced freedom and acceptance from her companion, Crystal welcomed my invitation to come to my nudist club event with me.

When I asked her what interested her in the clothes-free lifestyle, Crystal told me, "I'm not interested in social nudity. I'm drawn to it. What draws me is the freedom. It's only when we get rid of our cover-ups that we have even a chance to live in peace."

Now Crystal has made friends within the nudist community and looks forward to each opportunity to join in our activities. Nude and animated among friends, her colorful personality shines even more brightly with her new-found freedom.


Strikingly beautiful with intense dark eyes, platinum blond hair, and great curves, Sandy gestures expansively. She giggles. As she talks, a whimsical smile plays merrily across her face.

Sandy quickly lets me know she doesn't have the perfect body. "Too fat," she says, with a whisper of a sigh, breaking into a large grin, "but it doesn't matter. That's what I like about nude recreation. We're all equal. We all look alike. No one person is any better than another."

"I look for the sun to shine now that I'm a nudist," Sandy says. "In fact, I can hardly wait for it. I plan my weekends around whether the sun is shining or not."

Outdoors (soaking in the sun, playing shuffleboard, walking through the forest), or indoors (sharing a hot tub, eating a communal meal, conversing by the fireside), time spent in nude recreation is quality time.

You'll find everything you are looking for in nude recreation -- relaxation, camaraderie and socialization; a legal, safe and secure environment; a family atmosphere where you can go alone, with friends, with a partner, or with your children.

How Do I Start?

So, you've decided you may want to explore the accepting world of nude recreation and want to know how to begin. How does a woman overcome her self-consciousness to relax in a nudist environment? You just decide to do it.

You might want to go braless at first. Wear baggy clothes or a vest when you do. Become aware of the comfort or discomfort of having no constriction across your chest. Weigh for yourself whether you'd like to try this "new look" in public.

Try taking off your clothes at home on a day when you will be alone. Then do what you would normally do with clothes on. You may want to stay away from mirrors, so you don't spend time criticizing your body. See if after an hour or two you don't feel more relaxed.

Or, go skinny dipping. Feel the water on your nude body. You'll never want to wear a suit again! Or, sit nude in a hot tub with several friends. Notice how quickly the time goes and how the worries flee as well.

Call the American Association for Nude Recreation at 1-800-TRY-NUDE for suggestions. Ask them for their brochure "From a Woman's Perspective." Get a few addresses and phone numbers of resorts or travel clubs in your area. Talk to the owners or resort managers. Plan to meet some of the members clothed, at a restaurant or at a resort. You'll find that in addition to all the other benefits of nude recreation, it is also quite affordable!

Find the closest nudist resort. When you go, take along a large towel and a large, loose-fitting shirt to cover up if you like. When you are ready, undress at your leisure. Observe, relax, and ask questions. And don't forget the sun screen. You're going to need it!

Whether you look like Crystal or more like Sandy, nudists are accepting of all body shapes and sizes. Soon you'll be telling me:

"Patti, why did it take me so long?
How could I have wasted so many years?"

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Background and Bibliography


8 May 1996
Here's the article some of you have been helping me refine (for publication in a non-nudist magazine). Any comments or changes can still be incorporated....if any parts are confusing to you or you think of a better work, please let me know.

Several people have suggested I use naturist instead of nudist. I would be interested in how you might make it clear what you are talking about without taking away from the flow of the piece. I think I'd like to use the concept of being close to nature and kind to the environment that the term naturist infers, but am afraid it will lose the general public I am trying to reach. I would be interested in more discussion on this point.

Hugs, Patti

7 Jun 1996
Here's the article: Please update. I don't expect any more changes.

10 November 1996
(...From the WebMaster)
Patti's article A New Way to Feel About Your Body, has been published in the November, 1996, edition of The Bulletin, a publication of the American Association for Nude Recreation. Patti would like to have it published in a non-nudist publication as well.


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